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Learn about the four types of problems and approaches for problem solving based upon proven methods and techniques. Learn the pitfalls of following just one approach. Join thousands who have already benefited from this content in seminars, conferences, and private workshops.

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Coaching for Success

Effective coaching is a process and and has multiple parameters. it is more than simply asking open ended questions. Proper coaching provides proper direction, skill, motivation, and wisdom. Learn how improve your own coaching skills for problem solving or any other similar skill set. 

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Effective leadership is a necessary component in order to drive organizational success. Improvement is not spontaneous or accidental in nature. Learn the ten shaping principles used by effective problem solving leaders who create the conditions and factors for success. 

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"I had the pleasure of working with Art Smalley first at Toyota in Powertrain Operations and then later on leading teams in American companies on their lean journey. There is no finer problem solving thought leader or coach I can recommend other than Art Smalley. "

Russ Scaffede
Retired VP Toyota Motor Corporation

"Art and I go back over 30 years to our time in Japan together working on the original materials and training for the Toyota Production System. His problem solving mastery and explanation of the 4 Types of Problems is the best way I can recommend to any leader thinking of improving problem solving in their organization. "

John Shook
Retired President and Chairman Lean Enterprise Institute

"Art Smalley has been a key resource in our thought development for creating a problem solving culture across global Timken. His approach and experience brought clarity to the 4 Types of Problems and how we needed to train, support, and leverage all associates in order to continuously identify and solve problems across our organization."

Dan McFadden
Director Operations Timken Corporation

"We have found that our problem-solving framework inspired by Art Smalley's 4 Types of Problems has helped us build more effective improvement capacity within our company and improve the efficiency of problem-solving across our organization and with our partner organizations as well."

Tim Reimann
Executive VP Operations McGough Construction

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